The Seafood Education Academy is seeking candidates take up three internal positions. The successful candidates will not only have access to the academy material for 2 years, but they will also be invited to assist the academy fellows in their course creations and research. The interns will also be active in the engagement with special interest communities throughout the academy as well as being invited to assist with events, webinars and podcasts throughout the year. 
The intern roles have small payment opportunities based on experience, availabilities and contributions. 
The academy is looking for candidates that are looking to take an active role in the education and training areas related to the seafood industry. 
Applications will be reviewed by the AISP Board of Directors (including Roy himself). 

To be considered for the teaching Intership, candidates must apply online. Please include your resume and cover letter for consideration.

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Roy Palmer has been involved in the seafood industry since 1972. He has travelled the globe consulting with individuals and organizations on their commercial fishing and aquaculture operations. An avid writer, he has written for numerous magazines and online publications and frequently speaks at seafood conferences.

Roy is a believer in continuous improvement and collaboration and strives for innovative ways to improve the seafood industry. He has taken a lead role in new ventures such as the Association of International Seafood Professionals, Global Initiative of Life & Leadership through Seafood (GILLS) and Aquaculture without Frontiers, a volunteer-run venture comprised of people who share their skills, knowledge and time to improve conditions for the poor, hungry, and malnourished.

Roy is a dedicated advocate for increasing seafood consumption and works with governments, such as the Mexican Government and FAO on developing a strategy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2019, he was awarded the first Medal of Honor from the World Gastronomy Institute.

His belief that aquaculture will become recognized as the most important type of farming the world can do, inspires us to make this industry the best it can be. We are pleased to honor this intelligent, kind, and driven life-long advocate of seafood with this fellowship in his name.

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