Foods and Feeding for Aquaculture of Fish

This course is part of the foundation Skill Set for our Certificate in Aquaculture but can also be taken individually by students wanting to develop a better understanding of Foods and Feeding in Aquaculture.
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Study time

theory workshop time 2 days


Assessed at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced 

Module 3.  Foods and Feeding for Aquaculture of Fish

What you’ll learn in this course
  • The different feeding and nutritional habits of fish
  • The major nutritional requirements of fish
  • How to provide food effectively to different types of fish
  • Major livefeed species and their importance particularly to hatcheries
  • The various types of artificial feeds, and how to manage the feeding of them to fish
  • The different types of feeding equipment used
  • How to optimsie feeding and reduce waste and environmental impacts of feeding

About this course

Aquaculture is a rapidly growing primary industry around the world which now supplies more than half the seafood consumed in the world today. This course forms part of the of our Certificate in Aquaculture but can also be taken individually by students wanting to develop a better understanding of the aquaculture industry and working in the industry.
Feeding is a major cost for most aquaculture businesses and correct feeding of fish is important not only for good growth performance of fish but also the financial success of any farm. The nutritional requirements of fish vary between species and even as fish grow older so a good understanding of the basic nutritional requirements of fish is essential for any aquaculture worker.

This course provides a basic understanding of the nutritional components of fish diets and how these vary between species. It also provides students an understanding of the different types of livefeeds that can be used, as well as different forms or formulations of feeding and how these can be managed to ensure good growth and survival of fish. This is a great introduction for anyone new to the industry and ideal for new workers wanting to learn about the nutrition and feeding of fish in aquaculture

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Shane Willis

Shane Willis has worked for nearly 30 years in the aquaculture industry. While he has worked with a number of food fish species, his main experience lies in the ornamental fish industry including: farming, importing/exporting, wholesaling and retailing sectors. His work history also includes teaching at the Australian Maritime College and University of Tasmania and he has worked on a range of consultancy projects for various industry, NGO and government groups within Australia, the Caribbean and SE Asia. 
Managing Director of National Aquaculture Training Institute Pty Ltd (NATI) - President, Ornamental Fish International (OFI)

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